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Scots say “no” to independence, GBP rallies Fri Sep 19 00:00:00 MEST 2014

Market Brief

G10 Advancers and Decliners vs USD
GBP 0.33
NOK -0.15
NZD -0.22
EUR -0.26
DKK -0.26
CHF -0.28
CAD -0.3
CAD -0.39
SEK -0.39
JPY -0.48
Global Indexes Current Level % Change
Nikkei 225 Index 16321.17 1.5783
Hang Seng Index 24402.94 0.9691
Shanghai Index 2327 0.4783
FTSE futures 6886 1.0196
DAX futures 9857 0.7204
SMI Futures 8873 0.5781
S&P future 2011.4 0.3392
Global Indexes Current Level % Change
Gold 1221.12 -0.3326
Silver 18.48 -0.3237
Crude wti 93.02 -0.0537
VIX 12.03 -4.9012
USD Index 84.46 0.1672

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Sterling traders adjust strategy after “no” victory 19/9/2014

The Scotland says “no” to independence, hence the 307-year-old union remains intact. This is good news for the UK economy as heavy consequences of a Scottish exit have been avoided, at least in the immediate future. This said, the yes-no gap has been tighter with only 55% of voters supporting David Cameron’s “no” campaign. A non-negligible 45% wanted independence despite unanswered questions: independent Scotland’s economic viability, a potential new currency (as the BoE clearly positioned against an EZ-like monetary union), the custody of health services and other social spending, the partition of North Sea oil revenue. As the "no" victory has been narrow, the risk of another Scottish referendum should persevere in the next few years and reduce the upside potential of the Sterling in the longer run. Read more
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20:30 Money Stock Measures
20:30 Foreign Central Bank Holdings
21:00 PPI
22:45 International Travel and Migration
23:01 Knight Frank House Price Sentiment Index
03:00 Credit card statistics
04:30 All Industry Index
05:00 Indexes of Business Conditions - Revision
05:00 Steel Production
05:30 Nationwide department store sales
05:30 Tokyo area department store sales
06:00 PPI
06:00 PPI
07:30 Consumer Spending
07:30 Weekly International Reserves
08:00 Euro area balance of payments
08:30 Bank of England on UK banks external claims
08:30 PPI
11:00 IGP-M Second 10-day Period
11:30 Weekly foreign exchange reserves
12:00 Extended CPI - 15
12:00 Agricultural prices
12:30 CPI
12:30 CPI
12:30 Wholesale trade
13:00 Consumer Confidence Survey
14:00 Regional & State Employment & Unemployment
14:00 Leading Indicators
18:00 Bank of Canada Weekly Financial Statistics
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