Swissquote Group

Swissquote Group

Swissquote Group Holding Ltd is Switzerland's leading provider of online financial and trading services.

Listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange (symbol: SQN) since May 29, 2000, the Swissquote Group has its headquarters in Gland (VD) and offices in Zürich, Bern, Dubai, Malta, Hong Kong and London. The Group currently employs 540 staff.


Group Structure and Shareholders

The structure of the Group, which comprises Swissquote Group Holding Ltd and its subsidiaries, is designed to support the Group's operations within an efficient tax and regulatory framework.

Swissquote Group comprises the following active companies as at 31 December 2015:

More information about the Group structure and its significant shareholders.


Our Entities


Swissquote Bank Ltd - Switzerland

Innovative  As a leading provider of online financial services, Swissquote offers innovative solutions and analysis tools to meet the wide range of demands and needs of its clients. As well as various online trading services, the user-friendly platform also provides solutions for eForex, ePrivate Banking, eMortgage and flexible saving accounts. In addition to a low-cost service for private clients, Swissquote also offers specialized services for independent asset managers and corporate clients.

Regulated  A reliable choice

Swissquote Bank Ltd holds a banking licence issued by its supervisory authority the Swiss Federal Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) and is a member of the Swiss Bankers Association. Its mother company, Swissquote Group Holding Ltd, is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange (symbol: SQN).


Swissquote Bank Ltd, Headquarter & Zurich offices

From Switzerland:

0848 25 88 88
8:00 - 22:00 CET Monday - Friday

From abroad:

+41 44 825 88 88
8:00 - 22:00 CET Monday - Friday


Swissquote Ltd – London Office

Strength  Trade with a Leader

Swissquote Ltd is the European subsidiary of Swissquote Bank, one of the leading global providers of online Forex trading services.

Regulated  Choose a reliable Partner

Swissquote Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which means it is held to high ethical, security and transparency standards, so its customers can trade with complete peace of mind.


Swissquote Ltd
Boston House
63-64 New Broad Street
London EC2M 1JJ
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0) 20 7186 2600

Office opening hours:
8:00 - 18:00 (UK time) Monday - Friday


Swissquote MEA Ltd – Dubai

Dynamical  Paving the way for the future

Swissquote MEA Ltd. is a subsidiary of Swissquote Bank SA based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and is headquartered at the reputable Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC).

Regulated  Choose a reliable Partner

Swissquote MEA Ltd holds a category 4 licencse from the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) and offers multi asset trading platforms, expat accounts, ePrivate Banking solutions and special services for institutional partners.


Swissquote MEA Ltd
Office # 3 | Level 9
Currency House Building, Tower 2
P.O Box 121364
Dubai, UAE

Phone: 971 4 381 0000
Fax: +971 4 381 0001
Office opening hours:
8:30 - 17:30 Sunday - Thursday


Swissquote Asia Ltd – Hong Kong Office

Swissquote Asia Ltd (formerly MIG Capital (Asia) Ltd) has been a limited liability company incorporated in Hong Kong since 16 January 2012. Swissquote Asia Ltd is a licensed corporation under the supervision of the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC), from which it was granted a Type 3 licence (Leverage Foreign Exchange Trading). The share capital of Swissquote Asia Ltd amounts to HKD 5,500,000 (5,500,000 registered shares with a par value of HKD 1).

Global  Benefit from an extensive network

Swissquote Asia Limited's Hong Kong office provides clients in the region with products and services tailored to their needs and wishes, and strives to bring them the best trading conditions.

Regulated  Your preferred Custody Partner

Swissquote Asia Ltd is a licensed corporation under the supervision of the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC), from which it was granted a Type 3 licence (Leverage Foreign Exchange Trading). No matter what your Forex needs are, Swissquote Asia Limited will provide you with friendly and efficient service.


Swissquote Asia Ltd
Offices 2808-2809, Level 28
3 Garden Road
Citibank Tower - Central Hong Kong

Phone: +852 3902 0000
Chinese Toll Free: 4000 850 999
Fax: +852 3902 0099


Swissquote Financial Services (Malta) Ltd – Malta Office

Strength Maximise your efficiency

Swissquote Financial Services (Malta) Ltd offers custody services from Malta for fund managers all over the world.

Regulated Your preferred Custody Partner

Swissquote Financial Services (Malta) Ltd is an investment services company under the supervision of the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) and was granted a category 4 license. The company covers various fund activities, traditional and alternative investments, precious metals and commodities.


Swissquote Financial Services (Malta) Ltd
Fino Buildings, 2nd Floor
Notabile Road
Mriehel BKR 3000

Andrew Zarb Mizzi
Phone: +356 2713 5161
or +356 7942 2181

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