Challenge the code

Swissquote did not become a leader in online trading and forex by being a follower. We pushed the limits, and that is why people all over the world now have access to services which were once reserved for professional and institutional investors. With our online platforms and information tools, trading broke out of the trading floor and went global.

Swissquote is committed to sport both in Switzerland and abroad. We support professional teams and sporting events with which we share values like excellence, the drive to succeed and team spirit.



UEFA Europa League

A competition steeped in tradition that drives ambitious teams and players to deliver their best performances, which thrills fans in Europe and around the world every season. Legends to have lifted the UEFA Europa League trophy in the past include Roberto Baggio, Diego Maradona and Ronaldo. Ambition, determination, a hunger for success and a desire for continuous improvement: these are the values that unite the UEFA Europa League and Swissquote.



UEFA Europa Conference League

A newly created competition designed to give even more talented players and teams the opportunity to strive for greatness and win a European trophy. The UEFA Europa Conference League allows qualified teams to step outside of their comfort zone and to develop and outperform at a new level on the European stage. These are aspirations that reflect Swissquote’s own philosophy.





The perfect match

Traders and tennis players are cut from the same cloth, with a drive for performance, discipline, intuition. Apart from a common philosophy, Swissquote and the Gonet Geneva Open also share the same geographic neighbourhood. Both help spread Swiss excellence by sharing it with the world. Classified as an ATP 250 tournament since 2015, the Gonet Geneva Open is the largest tennis tournament in French-speaking Switzerland.


Challenge the ice

The Geneva-based Genève-Servette Hockey Club has been playing at the highest level in Switzerland for decades. Poised and resilient, the club has managed to bring the best out of its teams in order to win. Swissquote scores a perfect slapshot by committing to one of the most popular sports in Switzerland through this partnership.




A winning combination

The ZSC Lions are one of Switzerland’s most popular, successful and ambitious ice hockey clubs. The team’s six Swiss championship titles in the last 20 years are testament to their quality and professionalism. This philosophy makes the Lions a perfect fit for Swissquote as it embarks on a partnership that will deepen its involvement in ice hockey while at the same time strengthening its local presence in Zurich.