Invest For High Returns and Controlled Risk with Event Driven Opportunities

Anand Batepati, Co-founder and Portfolio Manager | GFM Focus Investing 06.12.2021 - 17:00 UTC


Everyday we hear news that stock markets are hitting all time highs and that a correction may be coming. Even if we ignore that, companies that are obviously doing well, like Google, have very expensive valuations that highlight the risk of a sharp loss if the future turns out less rosy or, if the market corrects.

At GFM Focus Investing, we actively seek out event driven investments. These are investment opportunities that have everything to do with certain company-specific catalysts playing out to generate outsized investment returns, and have little to do with markets being high or low.

In this webinar, we will demonstrate how we focus on situations where the risk of permanent loss of capital is low, and the upside potential is disproportionately higher.

Such investments generate call option-like characteristics and enable our portfolio to significantly outperform market returns.

Join us for this webinar where we showcase examples of event driven investments and highlight our investment process for such opportunities. Learn how to win big and lose small with event driven investing.

Protect your capital and grow your wealth.

Anand Batepati - Portfolio Manager at GFM Focus

Anand is Portfolio manager and co-investor alongside clients. Over 20 years of experience in New York, London, Hong Kong. Two finance master’s degrees. Long / short fundamental investor with a concentrated portfolio. Designed quant investment strategies that managed several billion dollars at Bear Stearns.