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Ilan Azbel, CEO & Founder of Autochartist 15.12.2020 - 17:00 UTC


Enhance your trading with Autochartist
The authoritative tool for technical analysis is available free of charge for Swissquote clients.

Autochartist’s powerful search engines continuously scan markets, automatically recognize trade set-ups and send alerts based on three main technical analysis options: regular chart patterns, Fibonacci patterns and Key levels. It is available as a plugin for MT4, fully integrated into Swissquote’s deep liquidity, so you can promptly take advantage of trading opportunities by placing orders directly from the charts.

Autochartist monitors all of Swissquote’s markets for you, identifying emerging and completed tradable patterns. Not only does it remove many time-consuming tasks, but advanced components like Performance Statistics, Volatility Analysis and Price Range Forecast inform your decisions and drastically improve your trading efficiency. With filters and customized searches, you can adapt the tools to your trading style.

How to use Autochartist to find the best trades?
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Ilan Azbel – CEO AutoChartist

As one of the original founders of Autochartist, Ilan was appointment CEO of the company in 2008. Since the formation of Autochartist in early 2003, Ilan has been intimately involved in the development and marketing of the Autochartist technology. His current responsibilities include the strategic positioning of the company in the retail trading industry, customer relationship management, development of the product roadmap, and business development. Under his guidance, Autochartist has substantially raised the bar for automated technical analysis technology. With over 15 years of experience in the field of technology, over 10 years experience in financial markets, and an academic background in mathematics and computer science, Ilan is a key strategist and visionary for the company’s growth and success.