Winning Lessons from Market Wizards

Ron William 07.12.2021 - 14:30 UTC


How do the world’s most successful traders outperform? In search for the answer, Ron William, will share key lessons from top traders & psychologists, based on live interviews hosted with Larry Williams, Linda Rascke and Dr. Tharp. Building on the principle that “success leaves clues” – Ron clarifies and synergies their market-mind strategies, including experiences from many professional traders that he coaches. Webinar delegates will have the opportunity to model top attributes and be part of an exclusive coaching programme, hosted by his training firm IntensiChi.

About the speaker:
Ron is founder of RW Advisory, firm that specialises in Research Advisory. Providing Firms and Private Wealth Individuals with Trade Ideas and Market Timing Research, based on Technical Analysis. Our strategies focus on global, multi-asset trends, grounded in behavioural finance/technical analysis, guided by actionable market timing, primarily driven by cycle and proprietary timing models.