Fees and conditions

With ePrivate Banking, you only pay for the transactions you choose. Thanks to an efficient structure, management fees are very low and you reap the full benefits of the performance of your strategy.


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The minimum amount to open an ePrivate Banking account is CHF 20,000. Once you have opened an account, you can, of course, withdraw part of your investment and continue to use our service.


Assets under management in CHF or
equivalent in foreign currency
For all types of strategy/
investment mandate
Minimum recommended investment CHF 50,000.–
From CHF 20,000 to CHF 200,000 1.250 %
From CHF 200,001 to CHF 350,000 1.100 %
CHF 350,001 and above 0.950 %
Interest 0.000 %

- Fees are calculated by tranche and on a sliding scale.

Fees included in the All-in Fee
Portfolio management fees 1 The All-in Fee includes all portfolio management fees, with no limit on the number of times the portfolio is rebalanced annually.
Administrative fees The «All-in Fee» includes events such as «corporate actions», transaction charges, custody fees and the end of the year report.
Tax statement/Declaration of income form The «All-in Fee» includes the costs incurred in the production of tax statement/declaration of income forms.
Incoming payments 2 Included
Outgoing payments The All-in Fee also includes payments in CHF and in EUR to SEPA zone countries.
Costs not included in the All-in Fee
Third-party costs The All-in Fee does not include fees charged by a third party/intermediary such as Swiss federal stamp duty, any foreign stamp duty or stock exchange charges.
Outgoing payments Outside SEPA zone, EUR 2.00/EUR 10.00, USD 10.00
Exchange rate risk cover fees The exchange rate risk cover option may be activated or deactivated by the client. This option is not included in the All-in Fee

1 Manual transactions generated by the client, not the algorithm, are billed in addition to the above, at a rate of 0.1% of the transaction amount (min. 9.00 / max. 99.00).

2 Taxes and/or fees received by any intermediaries are reserved.