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Hedge your investments


An effective risk management tool

Bond prices go up when interest rates decrease and go down when interest rates increase, making them a vital tool in your hedging strategy.


US T-Bond


US Treasury Bonds are issued by the government of the United States, denominated in USD.


UK Long Gilt


Gilts are bonds issued by the British government, denominated in GBP.


Check our trading conditions

Asset Description Standard
Up to 25K USD
25K-100K USD
Over 100K USD
#LGILTMY Forward Long Gilt 0.05 0.05 0.05
#USBNDMY Forward US. T-Bond 0.05 0.05 0.05
Symbol Description Initial Margin Requirement
#LGILTMY Forward Long Gilt 2%
#USBNDMY Forward US. T-Bond 2%

MT4 / MT5

Symbol Description Minimum Transaction Size Maximum Transaction Size Value of 1 lot
#LGILTMY Forward Long Gilt 0.10 10 100,000 GBP
#USBNDMY Forward US T-Bond 0.10 10 100,000 USD
Symbol Description Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
#LGILTMY Forward Long Gilt Closed 09:05 - 18:55 09:05 - 18:55 09:05 - 18:55 09:05 - 18:55 09:05 - 18:55
#USBNDMY Forward US. T-Bond Closed 00:05 - 22:55 00:05 - 22:55 00:05 - 22:55 00:05 - 22:55 00:05 - 22:55

All Forward CFD products have various expiration dates. All open Forward CFDs will be closed at bid/offer price on the expiry date. On the last trading day, neither new positions or pending orders can be opened. Only closing existing positions is permitted until 16:00 CET. Swissquote Bank reserves the right to close remaining positions between 16:00 and 18:00 CET at market price. Please see the table below for more details:

Forward CFD Main Symbol MT4 Symbol Contract Month First Trading day
(Time CET)
Last Trading day
(Expiration Date)
Long Gilt #LGILTMY #LGILTH7 March 2017 23.11.2016 -
09:05 (CET)
23.02.2017 -
16:00 (CET)
#LGILTM7 June 2017 21.02.2017 -
09:05 (CET)
26.05.2017 -
16:00 (CET)
#LGILTU7 September 2017 24.05.2017 -
09:05 (CET)
28.08.2017 -
16:00 (CET)
#LGILTZ7 December 2017 24.08.2017 -
09:05 (CET)
27.11.2017 -
16:00 (CET)
#LGILTH8 March 2018 23.11.2017 -
09:05 (CET)
23.02.2018 -
16:00 (CET)
US T-Bond #USBNDMY #USBNDH7 March 2017 24.11.2016 -
00:05 (CET)
24.02.2017 -
16:00 (CET)
#USBNDM7 June 2017 22.02.2017 -
00:05 (CET)
29.05.2017 -
16:00 (CET)
#USBNDU7 September 2017 25.05.2017 -
00:05 (CET)
29.08.2017 -
16:00 (CET)
#USBNDZ7 December 2017 25.08.2017 -
00:05 (CET)
28.11.20176 -
16:00 (CET)
#USBNDH8 March 2018 24.11.2017 -
00:05 (CET)
26.02.2018 -
16:00 (CET)

MY = Month Year


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