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Payment fees

Payment fees


Outgoing Payments

Online payments – within Switzerland,
Lichtenstein + SEPA credit transfers
  Currencies Shared charges1 Charges borne
by the beneficiary2
Charges borne
by the remitter3
Online payments all currencies
(+CHF/EUR outside Switzerland and
EUR 10 EUR 10 EUR 25 EUR
USD 10 USD 10 USD 25 USD
AED 55 AED 55 AED 110 AED
AUD 20 AUD 20 AUD 40 AUD
CAD 20 CAD 20 CAD 40 CAD
CZK 375 CZK 375 CZK 750 CZK
DKK 100 DKK 100 DKK 200 DKK
GBP 10 GBP 10 GBP 20 GBP
HKD 120 HKD 120 HKD 240 HKD
HUF 4300 HUF 4300 HUF 8600 HUF
ILS 60 ILS 60 ILS 120 ILS
JPY 1500 JPY 1500 JPY 3000 JPY
MXN 295 MXN 295 MXN 590 MXN
NOK 125 NOK 125 NOK 250 NOK
NZD 20 NZD 20 NZD 40 NZD
PLN 60 PLN 60 PLN 120 PLN
SEK 125 SEK 125 SEK 250 SEK
SGD 20 SGD 20 SGD 40 SGD
THB 550 THB 550 THB 1100 THB
TRY 45 TRY 45 TRY 90 TRY
ZAR 235 ZAR 235 ZAR 470 ZAR

Additional fees

Manual order (letter, fax, email) 15 CHF
Express online payments4 5 CHF


Incoming Payments

Bank/Post wire transfer5 Free of charge
Tariffs for the
crediting of cheques6
30 CHF 30 EUR 20 GBP
Other eligible currencies: equivalent of 30 CHF
Credit card deposits 1.7-2.0%7

1The client pays the charges of Swissquote Bank Ltd. Third-party charges are deducted from the transfer amount.
2All charges (Swissquote Bank Ltd fee + third-party charges) are deducted from the transfer amount.
3The client pays all charges (Swissquote Bank Ltd fee + third-party charges).
4Extended hours for same-day execution. 12 a.m. - 3 p.m. GBP/EUR; 12 a.m. - 4 p.m. CHF/CAD/USD.
5Fees taken by the remitting bank and any intermediaries may apply from case to case.
6Fees taken by the drawee bank and any intermediaries are reserved.
7External costs, the percentage depends on your country of residence.

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