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Institutional Trade Ideas for All Traders

Swissquote SQORE is a revolutionary free trade idea generator packed with innovative features, aimed at traders looking to raise their game. It gives all traders access to advanced investment algorithms which were previously only available to institutions, while remaining simple and transparent.

Trade ideas are generated automatically based on advanced quantitative models, designed and back-tested by world-class quantitative analysts. As such, Swissquote SQORE offers an unbiased alternative to anonymous recommendations on social trading networks.

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Key advantages

  • Institutional-quality trade ideas generated from sophisticated quantitative strategies
  • Trading models cover G10 & EM currencies, commodities strategies (including gold strategies) and equity indices
  • Innovative and user-friendly visualization tools that make tracking easy
  • Customize your portfolio to monitor potential returns and key statistics
  • The high level of transparency allows you to make educated decisions on recommendations
  • You can use Swissquote SQORE to your heart’s content absolutely free of charge


Trade Idea – Quant Models

Swissquote SQORE features several investment models of high frequency trading covering the main asset classes. Each one combines a broad set of mathematical and statistical techniques powering state-of-the-art quantitative algorithms.

Sample of quant strategies available:
  • Pairs Trading (fx algorithms for G10 & EM currencies)
  • Advanced interest rate differential
  • Technical analysis with AI overlay
  • Commodities & Index breakout

Swissquote SQORE does not support Internet Explorer 7 and 8.