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Softer EUR boosts European stocks & CS outflows boost UBS

Markets were quiet yesterday, as the US was closed for Thanksgiving.
European markets mostly surfed on the positive reaction from the US equities to the Federal Reserve (Fed) minutes released a day earlier.

The German DAX advanced to a fresh 5-month high, as the French CAC40 hit a fresh 7-month high, thanks to the euro’s appreciation against the greenback, which somehow eases the inflationary pressures for the European companies, along with the falling energy prices.

Elsewhere, the latest minutes from the European Central Bank (ECB) released yesterday revealed that ‘a few’ officials favored a smaller rate increase, than the 75bp that the bank delivered last month, citing the other monetary tightening measures that would help restricting the monetary conditions. The Swedish Riksbank raised its interest rates by 75bp yesterday and said that the monetary tightening will continue to tame inflation in Sweden. The Korean Central Bank raised its interest rates by another 25bp to the highest levels since 2012 and the won gained, whereas the Turkish Central Bank CUT its policy rate by another 150bp points, but said that the easing is perhaps enough at 9%, and that risks on inflation – which stands around 85% officially, and 185% unofficially – increase from here.

In China, the central bank signals lower reserve ratios for banks, and conducts reverse repo operations to boost liquidity in the system, as news of fresh Covid restriction measures creep in. The Chinese news certainly prevent oil bulls from jumping in the market right now, and the American crude consolidates below $80pb this morning, with solid offers seen at $82/85 range.

In Switzerland, Credit Suisse continues making the headlines. The stock price flirts with all-time-lows, as UBS sees its share price extend gains as outflows from CS reportedly benefit UBS.

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Softer EUR boosts European stocks & CS outflows boost UBS | MarketTalk: What’s up today?| Swissquote
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OECD says no recession, but slow and low growth...

The OECD said the global economy will avoid a recession this year, and next year, and that unemployment rates won’t skyrocket. That was the good news.

But growth will be low and slow, and inflation will remain high, keeping central bank policies tight. That was the bad news.

The S&P500 gained, as strong earnings from retailers improved sentiment before Thanksgiving. Energy stocks performed well on the back of a sustained recovery in crude oil.

Shell rallied 5% on announcement that the company will be reviewing its investment in the UK to avoid paying windfall taxes to the British government. BP rallied 6.52%.

In central bank news, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) raised its rates by 75bp as expected today. The US dollar softened, and the EURUSD rebounded past 1.0320 in the middle of mixed comments about what the European Central Bank (ECB) should do at its next meeting.

In precious metals, gold slid yesterday despite a softer US dollar, and softer yields.

In China, stocks were not looking good as Beijing and Shanghai put stricter rules to slow the Covid contagion, again! But Alibaba rebounded almost 4% in HK today, on news that Ant Group would pay a fine over a billion USD.

In cryptocurrencies, traders remain on the edge, on news that a ‘substantial amount’ of FTX assets have either been stolen or are missing. Bitcoin however resists. The price of a coin recovered above $16K yesterday, but risks remain tilted to the downside.

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OECD says no recession, but slow and low growth... | MarketTalk: What’s up today? | Swissquote
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