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Watch US midterm results, crypto selloff & US inflation

Less aggressive support for the Republicans, and more importantly, looming uncertainty, are the major factors that weighed on investor sentiment yesterday. The S&P500 slid more than 2%, Dow Jones lost 1.95%, while Nasdaq dumped 2.40%. The selloff was also fueled by the shaking crypto markets, and perhaps some investors taking risk off the table before the US inflation data, due today.

In cryptos, watching, what used to be the world’s 4th biggest crypto exchange go under the water, triggered panic across the sector, getting investors to question, whether FTX is an isolated case, or this is just the tip of the iceberg, and if and how many of the cryptocurrency exchanges may haves similar insolvency problems, that are only waiting to get revealed.

In FX & commodities, US dollar rebounded yesterday on the back of a better-than-expected Democrat results, and some repositioning before today’s inflation data, gold held ground above $1700 per ounce, while US crude fell on China Covid news and weekly rise in US oil inventories.
On the geopolitical front, news that Russia announced to pull out troops from Kherson triggered mild, and short-lived gains in equities.

On the data front, investors hold their breath before the US inflation data due today. Headline inflation in the US is expected to have eased from 8.2%, to 8% in October, and core inflation is seen softer at 6.5%, compared to 6.6% printed a month earlier.

PS: in six of the prior seven months, inflation exceeded expectations. So, there is a good chance that it’s the case this time around as well.

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Watch US midterm results, crypto selloff & US inflation | MarketTalk: What’s up today? | Swissquote
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