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Nothing slows US bond rally, and that’s disqueting!

The US 10-year yield plunged below the 4.5% mark yesterday, even after a 40-billion-dollar sale of US 10-year papers saw lower-than-expected demand and resulted in a slightly higher-than-anticipated yield of 4.519%. Today, all eyes are on the $24 billion worth of US 30-year bond auction. The US 30-year bond yield plunged to 4.60% yesterday, after rising to 5.17% last month.

That’s disquieting; the US 10-year yield has now fallen more than 50bp in less than 2 weeks. Yes, a part of it is a correction of the accelerated rise that we observed starting from September. But that rise partly explains why the Fed members decided to refrain from announcing another rate hike at the latest policy meeting. As such, the recent fall in long-term yields will certainly get them back to a high-alert level.

Elsewhere, China doesn’t have inflation and it can’t create it; that’s a problem. Released today, the latest Chinese CPI data came in worse-than-expected. The Chinese consumer prices fell 0.2% in October, on a yearly basis, versus no change expected, and producer prices fell 2.6%, slightly better-than-expected but not encouraging.

Worries regarding the Chinese economy don’t help lift sentiment in oil markets. The barrel of US crude fell to $75pb yesterday as the selloff continued at full speed. The selloff should slow as the market is now at the limit of oversold conditions, but investors are increasingly concerned about slowing global demand.

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Nothing slows US bond rally, and that’s disqueting! | MarketTalk: What’s up today? | Swissquote
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