Announcement - Actively Managed Bitcoin Certificate

Bitcoin Active Certificate

The smarter way to invest
in cryptocurrency


Investing in Bitcoin has never been easier

Many investors are tempted by Bitcoin but are turned off by its technical aspects or extreme volatility. This is why we launched the first dynamically managed Bitcoin certificate listed on the Swiss exchange. How is it different?


Reduced volatility

An algorithm based on machine learning developed by our quantitative investment team anticipates bitcoin price trends and manages a portfolio accordingly.



The first listed crypto-strategy

Limit your risk exposure by investing in the certificate on the SIX Swiss Exchange (symbol: SQXBTQ) and benefit from healthy potential gains.





Easy & secure access to Bitcoin

No management of public or private access keys or electronic wallet dedicated to Bitcoin required. No fear of hacking.


How does it work?

Behind the structured product, a strategy based on a machine learning process developed by our experts.


  1. Quality indicators are created based on data collated from various sources: average changes, realised volatility, selling/buying pressure and market sentiment indicators.
  2. The algorithm compiles and interprets the data, forecasts future trends in short-term returns and manages the portfolio accordingly.
  3. In order to reduce volatility, the portfolio is at least 60% composed of Bitcoin with the balance in USD.

Be among the first

Do not hesitate and join the Bitcoin revolution today. With reduced risks.

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