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The main contenders

Marine Le Pen
Front National

Daughter of the Front National founder and a lawyer by trade, she touts herself as the candidate for “Frexit” and the reindustrialization of the French economy. She also promises to withdraw the El Khomri law (labour law). She represents the far-right of French politics.

Emmanuel Macron
En Marche!

Previously a business banker and Francois Hollande’s former Minister of the Economy, Industry and Digital Technology. He runs under his own political movement and claims to be neither left nor right. He has supporters from all over the political spectrum. He is a staunch Europeanist.

François Fillon
Les Républicains

A conservative right-wing candidate entangled in a family history of fictitious jobs and Nicolas Sarkozy’s former Prime Minister whose record he defends. His platform is very much liberal and aims to partially privatize social security and abolish 500,000 civil servant positions.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon
La France insoumise

A former socialist Senator, he presents himself as an alternative to the system. He wants to end negotiations on TAFTA (the free-trade agreement with the United States), to repeal the labour law, to recast the European treaties as well as increase the net monthly minimum wage to €1300.

Benoit Hamon
Parti socialiste

Winner of the socialist primary against outgoing Prime Minister Manuel Valls, Hamon is focussing on a key measure, to ensure a universal living income for all French citizens 18 years of age or older. Those within his own party seem increasingly more inclined to support Emmanuel Macron.

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These charts compile the latest polls on the voting intentions of French electors.


Social Media Opinion Index

Gain a unique insight into potential election outcomes with this innovative technology developed in partnership with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne.

The Social Media Opinion Index captures the opinions expressed on social media about the main candidates to the French presidential election. This social media pulse provides a different analysis which complements traditional polls, and is more reactive that the latter.

It continually scans the web, allowing to detect new trends on social media, which a frequent in this eventful race. The index is built by algorithms based on the latest developments in the fields of text and context analysis. They utilize Natural Language Processing & Understanding (NLP & NLU), chart analysis, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in order to optimize their interpretation of opinions over time.

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What they are saying…

See the latest comments from the candidates on social media, updated in real time

Ces derniers mois, à votre rencontre , j'ai voulu parler à votre coeur et à votre intelligence. Dimanche, c'est à vous de décider de voter pour notre avenir, notre projet. J'ai confiance en vous ! ...
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He married his high school teacher and is now a frontrunner in France's presidential election. Meet Emmanuel Macron…
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If there is one word that sparks fears at the moment, that word is definitely protectionism. Some say it does not work economically and can only stir up crisis; others claim it is a required path to save jobs. Nonetheless, a clear trend has emerged since the 2007 financial crisis: as a result of people’s votes, nations are heading towards greater independence and sovereignty. Modern economic theory states that protectionism does not bring growth and prosperity. But in the end, can we really trust theories and economists that were unable to predict a major crisis that has lasted almost two decades?



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