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The main contenders


Emmanuel Macron
En Marche!

Previously a business banker and Francois Hollande’s former Minister of the Economy, Industry and Digital Technology. He runs under his own political movement and claims to be neither left nor right. He has supporters from all over the political spectrum. He is a staunch Europeanist.


Marine Le Pen
Front National

Daughter of the Front National founder and a lawyer by trade, she touts herself as the candidate for “Frexit” and the reindustrialization of the French economy. She also promises to withdraw the El Khomri law (labour law). She represents the far-right of French politics.



A visual overview of the two final presidential contenders and their positions on the key policy issues


Opinion polls

National polls

These charts compile the latest polls on the voting intentions of French electors.

Our exclusive algorithms scan the web to display the percentage of positive and negative views expressed about the candidates (neutral opinions are not represented in the chart).


Social Media Opinion Index

Gain a unique insight into potential election outcomes with this innovative technology developed in partnership with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne.

Positive Opinions vs Negative Opinions

The Social Media Opinion Index captures the opinions expressed on social media about the main candidates to the French presidential election. This social media pulse provides a different analysis which complements traditional polls, and is more reactive that the latter.

It continually scans the web, allowing to detect new trends on social media, which a frequent in this eventful race. The index is built by algorithms based on the latest developments in the fields of text and context analysis. They utilize Natural Language Processing & Understanding (NLP & NLU), chart analysis, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in order to optimize their interpretation of opinions over time.

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What they are saying…

See the latest comments from the candidates on social media, updated in real time

« Parce que j’ai la conviction que rien ne pourra jamais justifier d’adhérer au repli sur soi, à la discrimination, à la stigmatisation inscrits dans l’ADN du Front national, à défaut de l’être dans ...
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Financial tools

Stock indices and currency pairs likely to be impacted by the French election







Forex baskets

Once the final two candidates are known, we will release a purpose-built Forex strategy for each of them, designed to take advantage of their potential victory.


Emmanuel Macron President

Feeling of return to stability. The European venture gains a respite. Equity markets on the rise.


EUR 35%
CAC 40 35%
DAX 30 %


USD 50%
CHF 30%
JPY 20%


Marine Le Pen President

Surge of volatility, search for safe havens, uncertainty due to a potential referendum on “Frexit”. European equity markets decline.


Gold & Silver 45%
CHF 35%
JPY 20%


EUR 45%
CAC 40 30%
DAX 25%


Emmanuel Macron

Macron is fervently pro-Europe and supports stronger European integration. We have selected banks, which would be happy to see Emmanuel Macron take office. We have also gone for national companies and included Canadian stocks, as revenue would rise with the free trade agreement.

Marine Le Pen

Europe is a focus of criticism from Marine Le Pen. We have decided on companies that generate a significant proportion of their revenue outside the European Union. That’s the defensive element in the portfolio. We have also included companies that do most of their business within France and could benefit from protectionist measures.



Capitalize on the French election


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