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Themes Trading offers thematic portfolios, hand-picked by our experts to provide the best potential returns for investors. Trade a balanced selection of stocks in a single click with Certificates.








Culture • Social • Lifestyle

long-term-2-icon.png MID TERM high-risk-3-icon.png HIGH RISK



Cannabis Certificate: Join the green rush

The Swissquote Cannabis Portfolio, a certificate traded on the Swiss stock exchange (SIX) allows you to trade this market without actually having to become an expert on the subject. The diversified portfolio is made up of cannabis industry leaders, all listed companies, that offer investors the potential to generate high returns.

Broad diversification
Professionally and actively managed 
Relatively low cost
Daily liquidity

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Sustainable investing Certificates

Ethical companies tend to deliver better long-term performance, so investing in them is not just morally right, it is also smart!


Social Responsibility

Social • Lifestyle • Environment

long-term-3-icon.png LONG TERM high-risk-1-icon.png LOW RISK

Socially responsible investing, in companies that value the environment, consumer protection, human rights, and diversity not only serves the greater good of humankind, it also tends to provide enhanced long-term gains.
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Sustainable Energy

Environment • Technology • Nature

long-term-3-icon.png LONG TERM  high-risk-2-icon.png  MID RISK

In the face of mounting evidence of the effects of climate change, going green has become a matter of survival. A global revolution is underway, and it is driving immense investments into clean technology. 
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Food & Water

Nature • Environment • Biology

long-term-3-icon.png LONG TERM high-risk-1-icon.png LOW RISK

Due to overpopulation, satisfying the demand for fresh water and food is set to be a huge challenge. Finding ecological solutions creates attractive opportunities for companies handling the world's most precious commodities.
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Other new Certificates


European Renaissance

Economy • Industry • Social

long-term-2-icon.png MID TERM  high-risk-2-icon.png MID RISK

Europe is enjoying its brightest economic outlook in a decade. Strong economic recovery and solid political environments suggest that 2018 will be a boom year for European companies.
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Battery Industry

Technology • Science • Industry

long-term-3-icon.png LONG TERM  high-risk-2-icon.png MID RISK

As battery technology advances and innovations follow, makers of energy storage devices and battery materials are well positioned to seize emerging opportunities.
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Multi-Crypto Active Certificate

Technology • Economy • Culture

picto_term1.png SHORT TERM  high-risk-3-icon.png HIGH RISK

Trade now in the four most traded cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin) while reducing volatility. 
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