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Themes Trading

Turning good ideas into great investments.

Receive a thematic portfolio worth CHF 100 when you open a trading account with Swissquote*


Themes Trading: Investing made simple

Are you looking for investing ideas that are easy to trade? Themes Trading provides innovative thematic portfolios, thoroughly composed by our experts.


New - Trade trends in one click 

Discover now the new Tracker Certificates of Themes Trading and trade the full thematic basket in one single transaction!

What is a Tracker Certificate?

Due to the simple and cost-effective investment, Tracker Certificates are since long time one of the most popular structured products. With a single investment in a Tracker Certificate, you can diversify your risk exposure across a wide range of individual stocks.



Your benefits with Themes Trading

Diversification of stocks for each theme offered

A product that is easy to trade then easy to monitor

Transparent composition of baskets of stocks


Become a Swissquote client and receive a thematic portfolio worth CHF 100

Benefit from our special offer* – choose one of the 4 thematic portfolios and open your trading account. As soon as you have made your first trade, the thematic portfolio of your choice is yours!

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Swiss stocks from the Swiss Performance Index (SPI):
Quality and solid return
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Promo Code: MKT_SSB

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New breed of biotech companies:
Valuations on the rise
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Promo Code: MKT_BIO

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Dynamical gold market:
Protection against inflation.
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Promo Code: MKT_GOLD


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Alibaba, Baidu, Weibo:
The largest internet market in the world
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Promo code: MKT_CN


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