Certified Asset Manager


All the advantages of the Robo-Advisor
plus guidance from an expert


Do you want support and advice on how to make the most of the Robo-Advisor? Benefit from the expertise of a certified asset manager who will recommend a strategy in accordance with your priorities and goals. Combine human expertise with cutting-edge technology to maximise the Robo-Advisor’s potential. And relax in the knowledge that your investments are in safe hands.

Key advantages

1. Enjoy the best of
both worlds

The benefits of the Robo-Advisor and the expertise of a certified asset manager

Set your investment objectives with your asset manager, who will use them to produce tailored recommendations for your Robo-Advisor.

2. We are fully independent with no conflict of interest

Your portfolio is managed via the Swissquote investment universe, ensuring complete neutrality.

Your asset manager cannot include investment funds managed by his company in your strategy.

3. A reputed asset manager

You can count on the expertise of a reputed Swiss firm that is officially licenced for asset management and well-versed in the use of Swissquote’s Robo-Advisor.

The conditions of this service are set directly by the partner.


With the additional services of a certified wealth manager, the fee for the Robo-Advisor service is 1.5% of the amount invested.


What is a certified asset manager?

The certified asset manager will draw on their knowledge and detailed analysis of the markets to help you set your investment goals as well as making portfolio recommendations. With significant experience in using the Robo-Advisor, the highly qualified expert will act in your best interests at all times. Appointments are made directly with the certified asset manager. Please note that Swissquote has no interests in its partner companies. Swissquote provides the Robo-Advisory features but does not influence the professional guidance provided by the certified partner in any way.

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