Invest from
CHF 50’000 with
attractive rates

Robo-Advisor: transparent
and competitive pricing

Benefit from an attractive price with a fixed rate of 0.75% on the invested amount. The Robo-Advisor includes a number of services, combining transparency with great value.

A minimum investment of CHF 50’000 is required to open your Robo-Advisor account.


Included in the offer

  • Transaction fees

  • Deposit fees

  • Incoming fund transfers (from bank or post office accounts)

  • Outgoing payments in Switzerland and Liechtenstein in CHF/EUR and SEPA credit transfers

  • Corporate actions

  • Annual report/Tax return/Income statement


Not included

  • Stamp duties: 0.075% of the trade value for Swiss securities and 0.15% for foreign securities

  • Marketplace fees

  • Brokerage fees

  • VAT

  • Administration fees for holding underlying assets without an active investment strategy managed by the Robo-Advisor

  • Manual transactions (generated by the client and not by the algorithm) are subject to an additional charge, amounting to 0.1% of the value of the transaction (min. CHF 9/max. CHF 99)

  • Fees for outgoing transfers outside the SEPA, manual payments and express payments


Our service also offers you the choice of fully hedging against foreign exchange risk, so that you can reap the benefits of your strategy without suffering from fluctuations on the forex markets.

Are you interested in certified asset management services?

When you add the support of a certified asset manager, the flat rate on the invested amount increases to 1.5%.

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