A new (p)resident
for the White House

America has voted! Joe Biden’s vision to “Build Back Better” than ever before has impressed the majority of voters who decided to trustfully put the future of their country into his hands. Together with his Democratic Party, the new POTUS will move into the White House until 2024. Traders, observe the markets carefully in the coming hours and days!

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Sustainable Energy

Biden’s massive $2 trillion infrastructure program, will usher in a renewable energy resurgence. His goal is to make U.S. infrastructure more stable by reducing dependence on fossil fuels will increase demand for wind and solar projects, among others.





While Biden’s signature promise involves green projects, there are other kinds of “green” that deserve a closer look. While Joe Biden does not publicly support marijuana legalisation, Democrats take a more relaxed attitude towards marijuana and support soft drug legalisation. In addition, with his support of the criminal justice reform that would include the decriminalisation of marijuana use, it's not difficult to see his administration move towards full legalisation in the course of four years.