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Swiss DOTS - The leading OTC marketplace for leveraged products

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Swiss DOTS products overview

The Swiss DOTS universe comprises over 90’000 derivatives with various underlyings including equities, indices, ETFs, currency pairs and commodities. Choose from:

 55’000 Warrants

19’000 Knock-out Warrants

 15’500 Mini-Futures

1’500 Factor Certificates

Explore the Swiss DOTS universe

 WarrantsKnock-out WarrantsMini-FuturesFactor Certificate
Volatility effectYes, significantNoNoNo
Knock-out/premature total lossNoYesYesNo



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Swiss DOTS - An exclusive platform

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Basics of warrants

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Expert articles

Experts in house or external partners (e.g. Pay Off) provide us regularly with articles about Swiss DOTS products for you to stay up to date.

Trading     Article

The history of options

On 26 April 1973, the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) launched the listed options market in a small smoky room off the trading floor at the Chicago Board of Trade.

However, the market in options and similar products began well before 1973. It is well-known that the Phoenicians and the Romans used contracts, but it seems that the...


Trading     Article

Swiss Dots: longer trading hours, affordable and secure


Some eight years after its launch, this over-the-counter trading platform has found is firmly established in the Swiss structured product market. The five participating issuers now offer over 90,000 derivative products.


Low to high risk strategies



Protect your portfolio from volatility and offset potential future losses linked to adverse market price movements.



Deploy multi-legged strategies to profit from all markets trends – bull, bear & range.

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