Precious metals
Trading fees

Gold bullion (XAU)

• Trade gold (XAU) easily against any fiat currency

• Low custody fee: 0.2% p.a.

• XAU positions are 100% backed by physical gold

• Transaction fee 1%



What are the custody fees for holding XAU positions on my Swissquote eTrading account?

The custody fee for XAU positions is 0.2% p.a. of the value of XAU held on your eTrading account and is debited in addition to any other custody fees as set forth under Account fees.

Are XAU positions in my Swissquote eTrading account backed by physical gold?

XAU positions are 100% backed by physical gold in the form of bars held by Swissquote in high-security vaults in Switzerland. However, XAU positions do not grant the clients any right to physical delivery of the underlying physical gold but only a claim against Swissquote for payment of the respective XAU balance of their Swissquote eTrading account in a government-issued currency.

What are the advantages of trading XAU in my Swissquote eTrading account?

Swissquote allows its clients to participate in the performance of gold, a popular store of value and safe haven for investors, without having to acquire ownership of the physical metal. This book-entry management of XAU allows Swissquote to offer its clients low management costs. Moreover, clients can easily trade their XAU positions against any currency available on their Swissquote eTrading account.

What is the fineness of the physical gold held by Swissquote?

The minimum fineness of the physical gold held by Swissquote to back XAU positions is 0,995.

Since Swissquote offers its clients the possibility to trade gold only in electronic form, what depositor protection applies?

Precious metal balances (e.g. XAU positions) on Swissquote eTrading accounts only entitle clients to payment in a government-issued currency. Therefore, the depositor protection in Switzerland of up to CHF 100’000 per client is applicable. For more information, please visit

What exactly am I buying?

XAU positions are backed by physical gold but do not entitle the client to physical delivery of the underlying physical gold.

Can I trade any quantity or only ounces?

Any quantity of XAU can be traded via a Swissquote eTrading account, even quantities smaller than an ounce. XAU is denominated in ounces and is tradable in fractions of an ounce down to 0.01 ounce.